Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Example

This is a picture of the car that one of our bright young stars drove to work every day... past tense. That was until this past Tuesday night when a group of assholes decided it would be fun for 5 minutes to smash someone's car (all 5 windows) and then laugh about it later. That 5 minutes is going to cost her close to $1000.00.

The moral of the story, however, is not that assholes exist- we already know that because we see them almost every day... The moral of the story is what happens when we embrace a positive championship mentality amidst a shitty situation, because we also will all have to face those from time to time.

So this young girl who normally comes in with a GREAT attitude was noticably distraught. When she explained the situation, she immidiately got her game face on, and then greated the customers and gave them again -- GREAT service. In her words, "people don't pay good money to hear my problems". SO TRUE!

The moral continues in that the same girl could not have known that today she walked in, and was presented with 3 opportunities for new responsibility, greater income, and a chance to pursue her passion(s). We focused on 1 (that we had in mind for her from the start, but did not impose upon her) and after she picked that exact one. Now her employer is back to work to come up with a compensation model and teaching plan to give her what she wants, that she never even had to ask for.

The moral finishes with... if she came in with the WRONG attitude, we would not have put more on her plate for fear of overwhelming her "at a tough personal time".

Quite simply, the moral is -- you can either focus on your problems, or on solutions... and today we saw a practical example of where each line of thought gets us in the real world.

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