Wednesday, August 01, 2007

BE the conductor of your band.

if you bring SELFISHNESS to the table - know that
you either already are OR will become the root of all failure!

Selfish people might have money and material possessions.
Selfish people might be very talented individuals.
Selfish people might portray success.

However, true success is not represented by selfish behaviors.

In reality, leaders can be developed with good role models, leadership development, and encouragement to be true leaders. But before any nurturing can take effect, the leader-in-waiting must start with one essential outlook - the understanding that it is about everyone but YOU.

When it becomes about YOU...groups, along with yourself, will fail to reach their full potential due to selfishness. Businesses will fail due to greed. Families will break and see children suffer. And careers will be ruined for the pursuit of selfish gains. There is truly no good in selfish desires.


Become the conductor of your band.
Take on the role to coach, encourage, support, and occasionally push.
Be that person that get's the best music out of the musicians.

And then be that conductor that NEVER makes a sound.

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