Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Being Our Own Worst Enemy...

We have all been guilty of it! A couple solid performances (in business, personal decisions, physical accomplishments, etc) and then think we are the shit! Even if it temporarily goes through our still is taking place. And this isn’t to say that being successful isn’t worth patting yourself on the back, because a little self-congratulating is always helpful when you’ve put a lot of work into something.

The problem is that when a little self-congratulation takes the form of an ego, we tend to make careless errors on a much bigger scale than we would have before we picked up an ego. If it’s dealing with business and working with people, we may decide that we can make a better or smarter decision than the person that is actually more capable to deliver. If we’re dealing with sports, we may decide to try and be that ‘hero’ to get something done that actually puts us further behind.

The trick is to stay grounded. This means being accountable with yourself at all times.

So how?

One of the best ways to stay grounded after any form of success is to give yourself a fair assessment of what you did right, but always find areas to improve. If you can let yourself enjoy success but never be satisfied with it, you’ll set yourself up for even greater victories in the future. Of course you can take the time to smell the roses, but think about it - successful people in vastly different areas are never satisfied with the successes they have, they just don’t let it go to their head. Think about Tiger Woods, he keeps winning, breaking records, but he also keeps finding areas to improve. It’s really no surprise that he’s consistently at the top of his game is it?

So…don’t be your own worst enemy.

If you have or think you have an ego - drop it. And even worse, if you don’t think you do…look at yourself and evaluate because unless you have taken time to do that, you probably have exactly that.

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