Monday, August 27, 2007

Confessions of a hypocrite.

Yup, that's me....

1. I have taken a stance on things only to turn them around when it came to myself.
2. I have verbalized one approach while demonstrating the complete opposite through my actions.
3. I have presented as someone who has my shit together, when there were times I clearly did not have my shit together.
4. I believe in Global Warming but drive a diesel truck

I’m not too worried, I certainly don’t spend time beating myself up for it on a daily basis, but I am aware. I try to prevent it by writing (stories, books, blogs), sharing (perspectives, thoughts anecdotes), listening (to opinions, views and reasons) and most importantly taking action and small steps to ensure I stay on the highest road possible.

I encourage those around me to call me on my bullshit. Those who truly respect me do…. and that makes me lucky. Overall, it’s a trait I would one day like to live without. Being able to have views and stick to my beliefs at a high level. Overall, i am proud to know I have done much much more good to myself and the world around me than bad.

I am realistic. If I were not a hypocrite, I would be perfect – and since there is no such thing as perfect, I am ok admitting I have been hypocritical. Sometimes admitting is half the battle.

It takes the pressure off denying.

Are you giving your best effort to practice what you preach?

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