Monday, August 06, 2007

In good times! But in bad?

Yup, 2 blogs today, why not... its the long weekend.

End of last week i heard the 245th stupedist thing of the year. CUPE leaders rationale for why Vancouvers inside city workers went on strike. [as an aside, the % raises you guys get from striking barely cover your wages lost during your lock out - does anyone realize how futile this effort is?]

"There has been a surplus in business due to better economic times and we feel the labour force deserves a share of that surprlus".


No seriously.... really?

Ok, Einstein - that's a deal i would ink in 1 second, right after your DUMB ASS signs off on the labour force assuming financial responsibility for losses incurred for the past 10 years when there wasn't a surplus. Surely in your name of team - sharing - all for one, you also deserve to have your wages garnished to help pay off massive debts companies incurred.

What's that? "Not your responsibility", ya, that's what i thought. Put your hand back in your pocket where it can massage your brain a little longer before you speak.

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