Thursday, August 09, 2007

Inside the Quotes: Church Speak

As leaders, we are tasked with coming up with as many mediums with which to provide our messages as is necessary until our students, subjects, staff, colleagues, hell; the world -- get it. Leaders come in all shapes & sizes, and across all sectors of society.

This week, we are hit with some truth from our brothers from a church in Red Deer, AB. While I do not profess to be a deeply religious man (not going into that debate today), I do know that wisdom is wisdom; wherever it comes from.

While taking 2 of my friends from Vancouver on a fishing trip to my grandfather's cabin, the Law of Attraction was hard at work. My one friend works for the BC provincial fitness regulative organization. While he and I were discussing the challenges of getting people on board with a mission (albiet a change) that would be in THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS (still ironic that some people need to be convinced what is good for them before hand which they resist and then bitch about the outcome later) when it hit us....

Call it a sign from above- it read,

"Experience is a hard teacher. It gives the test before the lesson"

And what a deep and meaningful saying. Imagine if your teacher gave you the final exam on the first day of class. After you got 12% on an exam because you knew nothing going in, but you knew you'd have to ace that exam by the end of the semester, how much harder would you try, and how much more would each lesson sink in?

That's life folks. We are hit with the challenges first, and then, with the proper mindset, we come to the lessons second after we ask ourselves what have we learned from our failures, struggles, and ultimate triumphs.

That is, unless we continue to coddle our children and prevent them from having the same experiences we did and thus learning the same valuable lessons. Experience may be a hard teacher, but as such it's one of the best we've got. As an employer, employee, parent, child, HUMAN BEING; keep this valuable tool in your reportoire, and any time adversity strikes (which hopefully it will) ask not "why me?"; ask "what now, what am I learning?"

And it is no mystery that this perspective amongst adversity is what separates victim from victorious.

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