Monday, August 13, 2007

Marcel Da Silva

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the player of the week last week Marcel Da Silva. We met Marcel through doing business with a great marketing firm Myron Creative. Marcel is our definition of a consummate professional.

1. Punctual
2. Pleasant
3. Invested
4. Positive

Each time you walked into the business, Marcel would welcome you with a big smile and be as interested in what you were up to as he was at showing you what he had created. He wasn't putting time into doing the job, Marcel was living out his passion.

So why is Marcel the player of the week?

Well, last week was Marcel's last day at this particular firm. Another offer from another agency, opportunity and time to change things up a little. Change is good. This would be the true test for Marcel, not how he acted when he was an employee of this firm, but how he would conduct himself on the way out. Rival business in some sense, number 1 guy at his current firm, we know how things could pan out because we've seen it before.

But not this time.

I got the call from Marcel on Wed afternoon, It started with him stating today was his last day, he enjoyed the time we spent working together, liked our projects, and would be following the swimupstream content and keeping in touch. No mention of the company he was transferring to, no ingenuine pitch to call him at this number, no negativity what so ever. In fact, probably nothing to a man who already lives his life this way anyways.

I saved the message for a few days, shared it with my friends, managers, co-workers. It serves as an important lesson on moving on with class.

There are many Marcel's around the world and we need to thank and recognize them for the level of enthusiasm they bring to the table. If we are going to focus on the shortcomings of those who are doing it wrong, then it's important to focus on those who are doing it right too.We can all take a page out of Marcel's chapter on integrity.

Marcel Da Silva. You did it right. It was recognized and we invite you to hold your head high as you find your place amongst a small percentage of people who maintain their level of class as they move from one opportunity to another.


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