Friday, August 17, 2007


One of the greater gifts given to us in this life is the ability for us to reinvent ourselves no matter what mistakes or errors we have made along the way. We live in a forgiving society where in most cases we are two steps away from regaining our credibility. The first step is to actually take accountability for what we did wrong and apologize sincerely to those we affected both directly and indirectly. The second step is to actually make the changes necessary in your life so that people will believe your words are genuine through your actions. Time alone will not heal all wounds, but time and actions will allow you to get more people back on your side in less amount of time.

There are two reason people choose to reinvent themselves, 1) because they have hit rock bottom either personally or emotionally, but still have some fight left in them, or 2) because they are not satisfied in their immediate position in life and recognize that they are at a standstill (not always rational). The reason for reinvention is far less significant than the reasons that we don’t reinvent. Anyone can say that they are going to make changes in their lives that will create a new self, only to continue the same habits and behaviors that allowed them to hit rock bottom or become stale. This happens more than not because in order to make significant reinvention steps we must be able to address our personal demons.

Fear is the most common reason we fail to do anything because it is an emotion we choose not to confront and deal with, an emotion we would rather avoid all together. In order to step out of the comfortable and in to something new we must feel fear, it is necessary in letting us know that we are moving in the right direction. In relation to the reinvention process, if you are not feeling fear then you are not making changes that are of any significance. Reinvention is getting out of the normal/comfortable standards and actions that you have set for yourself, so when you decide to change these norms it should and will create fear, stress, and anxiety. What we need to do in order to successfully get past these fears is to know exactly why we are making the changes that we are making and recruit others to help us along our way. Motivation is the combination of direction and intensity of actions, so when we have an exact direction to move in and help from others to continue with passion and energy we will negate some of the fear response change creates.

Our inability to learn is another reason why we fail to reinvent. Every action we take in life creates either a positive or a negative consequence, and when we fail to recognize or learn from these consequences then we stunt our ability to make the changes necessary to reinvent. We can play blind or unaware and get by, but in order to succeed we need to continually learn about ourselves and our situational behavior as well as how others respond to us in these arenas. When we choose not to learn, we choose to remain static, which is the antithesis of reinvention.

Whether you are forced into reinvention or you have made the choice to reinvent yourself you must understand that like life, this is a process. A process that is available to you when you want it and on your terms. Reinvention will not be successful if it is for any reason other than internal reward. There are no shortcuts or magic bullets you can take if you are to do it correctly. Internal prospective, perseverance, and genuine sincerity is your best bet in not just reinventing yourself, but in getting those around you to embrace and support your efforts….even if they are the ones you are trying to regain credibility with.

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