Monday, August 06, 2007

They used you.

Dear Brittany, Paris, Lynsday, Nicole and other aspiring jackasses of all trades.

Hollywood doesn't care about you.

I know, I know.... some agent strolled up to you at some pageant your parents stuck you in because they are pathetically attempting to live vicariously through you and told you "you're the one".

They went home, and developed a brilliant marketing scheme that vaulted you from nobody to somebody in a matter of 2 years. They put their arm around you and told you since you could, sing, you could probably act, launch a clothing line, own a restaurant, get paid to party, create nude video's, have a reality show, be above the law. even if you burned out in less than 3 years, they could still get you a gig on the Surreal Life and strip you of the last little shred of dignity you may have.

You hopped on that gravy train and made a shit load of money. it happened so fast and with so much force you began to believe you were invincible until....

One day, there was a new flavor ushered in by your peoples. a new train wreck waiting to be thrust into the limelight for the calendar year. a sucker who would also be judged, graded, slammed, critiqued, criticized and who's every move would be so closely monitored that they couldn't win. in the end, we would all step back in shock when they imploded exclaiming "poor thing".

and to your parents. it's really to bad you can't fire your parents - because THEY SUCK AT THEIR JOBS! (facilitating their kids enduring this) what are / were you thinking (nevermind you published a book mrs spears - we know what you were thinking).

profiting from your children's tragedy. only in America could we do this with such disregard and blind frequency.

so, now you are a has been at 25, waiting for another 5 years until you get the call from people magazine for the where are they now issue. well, i for one hope the answer to that is rebounding off rock bottom, because you couldn't be digging yourself into bigger holes than you already have and its a crying shame, because not for one second would i infer you weren't talented at your (original) craft.

you are simply not talented at surrounding yourselves with the "right" people.

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