Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things I Have Learned

Listen more and talk less.
You may never find out what useful piece of wisdom was coming when you interrupt or don’t pay attention.

Quality and quantity are important when raising children.
Your attention will be treasured and your presence will always be felt.

Always trust first.
It is greater to be open and true to yourself than to never learn from others.

Laughter is the greatest medicine.
Taking time to laugh and have fun will put years on your life and, more importantly, life into the time you have.

Fear is the real Cancer.
Being paralyzed because of an unknown outcome is no way to live. If you fear it you must overcome it.

Nature vs. nurture.
It is both. Stop arguing about it and handle what you can. Nurture is in your control. Nature is not. Get over it.

The job is never done perfectly doesn’t mean stop trying to do it perfectly.
It is much better to start and fail than to never have started. See Fear above.

Balance is not an every day act but it is an action of sacrifice.
Balance is a lifetime act; it ebbs and flows and gives and takes. You must give to get and conversely those around you must understand the same concept for a successful partnership.

You can’t control how others think.
It is only you that you can control. Stop trying to control others. However, I have learned to never let lack of control stop me from attempting partnership. See Trust above.

Attitude is everything.
How you think is how you play. It’s as simple as that really.

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