Monday, August 20, 2007


Who is going to replace Merv Griffin & Elvis; entrepreneurs, entertainers, creators of good things for people?

Who is going to take a hit for Tony Gwinn & Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball players and sports legends who inspired many out of nothing more than the love of the sport?

Who is the next Lucile Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, Jane Fonda, Oprah Windfrey, Tina Turner, to inspire & empower woman by being nothing more than themselves?

Who is taking the torch from Vince Lombardi & Bobby Knight and leading boys to men through the proven system of challenge, adversity & victory?

Who do we see taking over the roles of Lady Diana, Desmond Tutu. Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandella, JFK ignoring ‘policy’ for integrity & belief?

Who is singing to the next generation like the Beatles & the Rolling Stones with a purpose and lasting impact?

Who’s going to hold the jock straps of Robert Redford, Paul Newman, while they continue to teach men how to be men?

Ans: If you are reading this, the answer is likely you or me. So lets get started, because none of the aforementioned stood around asking “who?” and it seems like an entire generation has missed the script.

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