Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Find the Hidden Opportunities.

Latley, more than ever, I have found myself be bothered by so many people in this world that fail to see the opportunty to grow, to be better, to succeed, and to live. And yet...this is entirely out of my control...or is it?

This is an opportunity to educate and add perspective in hopes it reaches at least one person...and that is what this group at swimupstream try to on a daily basis.

Opportunity happens all around us, all day long. We just don't see it. Growing up, we're inundated with input, so we learn to tune things out. Unfortunately, that also teaches us to not see opportunity even when it's staring us in the face.

For example - Have you ever thought of buying a particular car only to then begin to notice it EVERYWHERE?

It's not that there are more of that type of car out there, it's just you now you have a reason to notice. Your brain becomes 'aware' of it. So... When we believe that there are opportunities everywhere, when we believe that we deserve them and when we are willing to jump in and do something about them, then we'll actually start to notice them more and more.

This is called the Tipping Point.

It's when life goes from struggle-struggle-struggle to a life of its own, perpetuating its own motion. You ever notice that a project or cause can have no one for the longest time, and then suddenly more and more people get involved? Or the right people come along for help as soon as you start foucsing on doing and not focusing on finding where to go to have it done for you. That will also seem like the Law of Attraction (which it is) but that too is not a surprise.

You see, there are an awful lot of people who want to be successful, but don't want to do all the work. So they're busy scanning all horizons for someone/something to attach themselves too. If your neighbor is successful, these same people would attach themselves to the neighbor. If you're the one, then you can expect them to come around just as soon as you succeed.

So what's the point?

1. Opportunities are never hidden. People are just blind to see them.

2. The Law of Attraction DOES exist. For some, it will be about love, light and positivity, but maybe for you it'll be about logic instead. It doesn't matter. However, what does matter is that it would be a real shame to miss out on opportunity because you think you can't think your way to success. That doesn't happen - so think again.

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