Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kelly: Our Service Star of the Week

Today the Law of Attraction brought me Kelly. Kelly is a veteran of the hair business, who runs The Hair Mix in Calgary. The reason I am awarding Kelly the Service Star of the Week is because he is a sure-fire swim-upstreamer. Kelly has worked as a haircutter for 22 years - and he told me he would have gotten out of the game long ago if he wasn't so passionate about it. He now owns a studio that at 6pm had 3 people getting their haircut at the same time and 1 customer buying products.
Lesson- do what you love and the success, the money, the title - will come.

Kelly also scored major points to beat out other service professionals because when he told me he was 45 years old, I would definately have guessed him younger. To this he replied that he still plays soccer and raquetball. He told me a story of a friend of his he went hunting with, and 7 hours of walking later they had to stop because his friend (who is overweight) complained of back pain. He was a big advocate of physical activity because it helped him keep up the energy for his busy schedule (we'll come back to that).
Lesson - Don't count calories; engage in a life full of pursuits that you enjoy and that connect you with people and activities that are fulfilling.

Finally, Kelly let me know that 2 of the girls that were working at the time were his daughters, and he also has 2 other children. His paternal pride shone through as he talked about his kids, and I was blown away by this inocuous looking haircutter who lives out our daily lessons at a high level.
Lesson: Family is a priority. A balanced life includes you passions (work, activities, etc) plus a family that supports those pursuits, joins you for the ride, and learns from your example.
Lesson: You get one shot at life - Kelly is making the most of his, and that should be the simple goal of everyone (whatever that may look like for them).
Lesson: It took Kelly 22 years to get where he is. Whenever you find yourself envious of someone more successful than you, instead of letting jealousy seep in, ask them how long it took them to get there. I have yet to meet a truly successful person who didn't have to work their ass off. Everyone wants the spoils - the successful people work through what others feel is beneath them in order to come out on top.

Lesson: Subscribe to swim upstream now so you can check the blogs whenever you have time - because if you truly buy in, you should be getting busy chasing the life you want instead of following the same routine - starting this instant!

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