Monday, September 24, 2007

Let this be a beginning.

Saturday - 3 swimupstream members completed a trans Canada cycling event for charity. This is the last post of that journey.

If you are still reading this blog, then you are keenly interested in what’s going on and “what’s next”. Well, use the inspiration you have gathered from this feat and take a personal step / role & or responsibility in making sure this legacy continues. YOU are what’s next. YOU dictate the pace and many YOU’s make light work because they turn into WE. Thank you in terms of action would mean a lot to us and we know there are capable people out there.

Act now while the light is on! Rally people to take action with you. After all, that’s exactly how this event metastasized into the epic proportions it has / did.

We have the relay idea and now we need regional and local leaders to continue to communicate and collaborate (again while the buzz is here) and pull something together. No shots at the JDRF, but like any charity and organization there is way to much red tape to get something moving with the degree of efficiency & effectiveness. Do not make the mistake of believing the JDRF will take this and run with it. The infrastructure must be created / set and put in place by a group of willing participants after which the JDRF lends the support they can. Hopefully next year, it will exceed the 07 support 20 fold.

In 08, we need cross the country, hitting all the major chapters. You already have a stationary cycling event in the curriculum and this should be amalgamated into the cross Canada cycle as well (it’s all the same kilometers) and would be a very easy add on. People can cycle inside, or people can cycle outside – but the scope of inclusion would be significant and the existing infrastructure may help expedite the organization.

Regardless, you need to tale responsibility and be the champion for this. No idea is a bad idea, we have the general scope of what we want to & can do and now its time to add a little infrastructure and “GO”!

To everyone, who cheered, blogged, supported, thought, prayed and helped the 2007 H2V event unfold, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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