Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Newsflash: You ARE the Sales Department

There is not a single organization or business on the planet that can avoid this fact:

**Every Single Employee IS a Part of the Sales Team

We have all experienced the rather odd lack of service at a typical service or returns counter but it is the every day interactions of the accountants, book-keepers, phone directors, government agents, customs officers, public servants, machine operators [to name just a very few] that leave a mark on how we all perceive a company or organization. It is the regular interactions that people judge you on.

A customer or relationship is built from the every day little interactions where each of us has but one expectation: a little respect. Unfortunately this is how we are as a society now...looking for just a hint of something rather than the whole enchilada of great service [but that's another blog all together].

To go and purchase a new television we already expect to receive decent customer service and knowledge but when we receive treatment at a hospital all we are looking for, beyond our minimum expectation of expertise, which lays beyond our realm, is someone to respect us.

How often do you take little interactions for granted? Are these nonchalant relationship killers stopping you from moving forward?

Swim-up-streamers live by the mantra that reminds us how we should be living:

"Every day, every play."

There aren't any times that you can take off, your day is never done and you are never allowed to disrespect or treat someone in a manner you wouldn't deem acceptable.

You are a part of selling your organization, helping that person, treating them well and this attitude will move you forward, if not financially definitely spiritually, so that you can conquer the hurdles in your life. Every interaction is a reflection of what you personally represent.

Every day, every play......make it your mantra and remember you are the sales team for how people remember you, act towards you and treat you.

How do you want to be remembered?

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