Wednesday, September 12, 2007

no job is too small.

The sense of importance for many people is usually measured by the job duty they are asigned or their rank in an organization. So many people strive to be in the lime light and work hard to have the attention on them...yet fail to realize that when they are there, they will want the exact opposite.

At the same time, many people forget that there is a job for everyone. Whether small or large, ALL tasks that need to be completed in any organization, on any team, within any society, etc. are equally important as the next. That is what makes the world work. Different people with diffeent abilities suited for different tasks.

Walt Disney used to believe that the person that cleaned the streets of Disneyland was just as important as the mascots (Cinderalla, Snow White, Alladdin, etc) themselves. He believed that if guests from all over the world were able to step foot on a clean street to enjoy the magical experience of Disneyland, it is as equally as important as the impact that the mascots have on making a young child smile. Walt Disney was right.

Not everyone can be the Cinderalla from Disneyland or the Lance Armstrong on the Discovery team, but everyone can have an impact on their teams pursuit of victory. So the next time you think that your job duties are too small and lack importance - think again. Because if you are cleaning the washrooms at an aiprort, someone will notice. Or, if you are a part of the support group of a sports team, one of the members will thank you. Or if you are the person pouring the coffee at Starbucks in the morning, you are impacting more than one person on their day to work.

Whether the job is small or large - any job is important. So make a difference and know that at some point you will receive some sort of recognition...whether you hear it or not.

Every role is important.

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