Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reason Is Enough

When approaching the subject of whether to take on a challenge one is always contemplating why.

Why would I go back to school? Why should I train for a triathlon?

We look for reasons to justify doing something. We look for love instead of just giving up our love because it is the reward we seek. We seek the returned love. We seek the spotlight and we always concentrate on the result. Why should I go back to school is met with a, "so you can finish your degree."

Maybe it is time to take a different approach. Maybe it is okay to just do without need for a result. Maybe just taking part in something is reason enough to do it. The end results, the socially accepted variety, may come but they don't have to be the reason to take part in the first place.

Take a chance, rush into something, go somewhere different for breakfast, just DO it.

Why? No reason.

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