Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where's your mask?

In the world today, there is ample opportunity to be a leader. It actually isn't as challenging as you may think. Look at the odds.

We are surrounded by an endless number of people that are waiting to be led - children, peers, co-workers, teammates AND there are an endless number of tools to teach you on how to become that fearless leader - courses, books, and leaders themselves.

What is missing is the number of people that want to become that front runner and be that example for others. These type of people go above and beyond to teach others what they have learned, to be that mentor to lead them in the right direction, and invest the time that is required to bring someone under their wing.

And as we have demonstrated amongst our numerous blogs - it is a personal choice.

There is also ample opportunity to be that hero. And another thing that isn't as challenging as you may think.

Let me explain.

People tend to believe that in order to be that hero there must be an event that has preceded their moment of heroism; helping someone from a car accident, save someone from a burning house, assisting someone overcome alcoholism or attempted suicide, etc.

This is not true. And these last two weeks I have been a witness to that.


1 father making a promise to his 12yr old daughter that he will do anything in his power to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes - a disease that she was diagnosed with when she was only 18months old.

5 friends that have stepped up to the plate to ride across Canada in a record breaking 9 days to raise awarness on Juvenile Diabetes and raise money to help find a cure - 1 Million is our goal.

16 volunteers devoting 10mths, 2 weeks, or even 1 day to make this promise come true and ensure this goal is met.

Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. No superhuman strengths. No capes or masks. Just the determination to make a difference.

And as we are coming to the final leg of this epic adventure...there is one thing that people must realize - anyone can make a difference. So don't wait for something to happen or before it is too late. Make a difference while you can. Be that HERO.

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