Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today I propoose that that is the single greatest question we can ask ourselves: WHY?

WHY? Ellicits purpose, and it ellicits connotations of outcome. That is, it gives us a reason to DO something, and a reason to avoid doing something else. Put another way - WHY drives us, and WHY holds us personally accountable for our actions.

WHY am I so pumped about this 3-letter word? Because - today the WHY of 1 Dad and his 5 friends, and their 10 support drivers, and their hundreds of supporters, is spreading more positivity, hope, and life to the world, and simply by knowing their WHY - I couldn't sleep last night.

WHY? Because Team H2V is rolling through Calgary today - on their World- Record setting ride across Canada to help raise money and awareness of Juvenile Diabetes. Simply watching the passion that those directly involved share is enough to create excitement and purpose for those around them. I know the 1-2 hours I get to spend riding or even watching them and taking pictures - has created immense purpose in my day, and gave me a reason to wake up this morning, and a reason to take care of my body (personal accountability) yesterday.

WHY should you log on to You'll never know untill you're there. WHY should you care about whether or not each day has purpose? Because you know how much different a Thursday feels with something to look forward to other than just another Friday.

WHY are you still reading this? Go give your day a kick in the ass right now and find a purposeful venture (doesn't have to be a cross Canada ride either)... but do it now.

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