Monday, October 29, 2007

And the word will be ravaged by flood, famine and fire.

There is a religious exert that follows something along these lines and although I would not consider myself to devout anything, I’m starting to connect the dots.

Last night, during 60 minutes, a segment aired on the honey bees disappearance from vast regions of the United States. If you didn’t know that the honey bee is responsible for almost all of our fruit, grain and vegetable sustenance through the process of pollination, don’t feel silly – I had conveniently forgot too. Of course until I learned they honey bees had just left the buildings.

At the end of all the hypothesis, the one that made the most sense to everyone was the theory that we were stressing the bee’s with all of our pesticides, by products of those pesticides and overproduction of crops. Literally, everybody loses if the bee’s don’t come back. They were simply not coming back to their hives to continue the cycle. They were not dying in the fields, rather they were flying away to new places that didn’t have the same damage.

First thought that came to mind was “well, I’ve never seen many healthy fruits and vegetables consumed in the US anyways, until I remembered…. it was probably for export” (that was a direct blow by the way). The second thought was on a larger scale. Follow me here.

With the massive expansion of population, we are taxing literally every one of the earths ecosystems. Harvesting the rain forests, clearing vast regions of land for real estate, ‘juicing’ our foods so we can produce more / bigger / faster products (at a fraction of the nutritional value), popping up plants and industry to process & transport these foods, emitting greenhouse emissions which adversely affect our atmosphere, displacing plants and animals who are required to complete the cycle of life and the list goes on.
Point here is, I shouldn’t be surprised by the fact our environment is quickly going to hell in a handcart as everyone is trying to ‘get theirs’.

As for the wise prophet who proclaimed this would happen, well, it isn’t that much of an epiphany or revelation – he / she simply had to watch the behavior of his greedy fellow man to understand that eventually our universal god (money), would reign supreme. He / she knew regardless of how much money ruled the earth, the earth is one entity that cannot be paid off.

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