Tuesday, October 16, 2007


"If you keep on doing what you've always done, you’ll keep on getting what you've always got."

You need to change if this is the case. Change is the most annoying of facts. On the one hand it is easy to talk about but on the other hand only 2% of people ever actually are able to make a total and lasting adjustment to their daily lives. We are, in short, creatures of habit to a fault.

Rarely will you meet someone that doesn't know what they should change or why. The problem lies in the how to change realm and more importantly how to maintain that change so it becomes life long.

You may have even heard that it takes 21 days to make a new habit. Simple but probably true but not because of the timeline. The truth lies in the making of a new habit. Simply put change requires creating new habits. It is the habits that continually fail us when we want to change because we revert to our normal state. Eating after 8pm, not exercising regularly, being late for dinner or in the case of many, causing bodily harm by smoking, salty foods, or highly stressed environments. Each of these situations on their own are not that hard to change but combined with the events that lead up to a smoke or a bad meal are ingrained incredibly heavily.

To change we need to evolve every part of our lives. This is difficult because humans hate change. So when it comes down to altering our entire lifestyle we just turn a blind eye and in many cases slowly kill ourselves.

How do you make the necessary adjustments?

  1. Know yourself. Know what you are like and understand truly why you must change. In most cases you will realize that change will make you happier and more of an asset to yourself and the people you love. In some cases it is because you want to stay alive.
  2. Look through your day and discover what triggers your normal habits. Start altering your daily habits and creating new ones from the second you get up in the morning. It is difficult to have lasting change if you still buy the same groceries or go to the same restaurants but expect to eat differently.
  3. Take those daily habits you want out of your life and get rid of them on paper. make your day plan full of what you do want and then follow it. Make sure to write it down.
  4. Start now. don't put off making small adjustments but ideally make wholesale changes to your rituals.
  5. Use a spark and do something absolutely out of the ordinary. Get up at 5am and shock yourself into adjustment. You'll actually have to think about what to do next.
  6. Stick with your plan and fight through the adversity. You'll begin to revert. By writing down weeks in advance what you should be doing you'll at least have a written guideline to be accountable to.
  7. find a mentor or coach that will keep you accountable. This person is your change liaison and they will make a difference in your life so you can make a difference in the lives of others.
Change is difficult but if approached with a true belief and by following a plan it is possible...and better yet it can be easy.

Change your behaviours to change your results.

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