Monday, October 01, 2007

Cult Default.

It’s interesting that when a group of people embrace a common belief or move towards a common goal, the movement is termed cultish? However what’s more telling are those making that distinction. Often, they are the ones reticent to be all in at 100%.

Being all in and being 100% isn’t easy. One has to let go of habits, vices and comforts and place a high degree of trust in those leading the movement. Of course that little three letter word [ego] also prevents many from buying in. after all how can someone know more than me? Isn’t that person too young too? They can’t be that interested in helping me… and the list goes on.

Ergo the cult default. If someone’s not comfortable with what’s going on around them, may as well poke holes in it to justify their own decision. The challenge for these skeptics is regardless of they may try, they can’t stop the shining. Rational or irrational, there comes a tipping point where a message gains so much power and momentum, even if you don’t like it, it’s hard to ignore.

The fact is, many of the ideologies we subscribe to these days could be defined as cultish. The media is a cult and they drive a large degree of popular opinion. How? By repeating the same message 1000’s of times through 100’s of mediums. If you hear the same message enough times, it will move from your subconscious to the conscious. That’s what marketing companies bet on.

And that’s what we at swimupstream are banking on. The messages of personal accountability, responsibility, team work, success, paying it forward and legacy are not unique messages by history – they are unique by the times we live in now. So pull up a chair, grab a glass and we’ll pour the kool aid. When people ask me if I’m a part of a cult, I answer absolutely, a cult of positivism that is essential to my personal and professional growth.


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