Sunday, October 28, 2007

I hope they never see this.

On almost ¾’s the worlds continents there are hundreds of millions of people on the brink of death via starvation. We’re talking emaciated, weak, and unable to fight disease or move because they are so malnourished. I think to myself, what would these people give to have a fraction of what the western worlds population has. A fraction.

This, is Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti. Last week Patrick skinned champion Joey Chestnut and staved off a comeback by Takeru Kobayashi to win the chicken wing "Chowdown" for Spike TV. Joey and Takeru are the US’s defending hot dog eating championships. If you’ve seen one of these contests, you already know it ranks in the top 10 most obscene things you will see, [below jackass and just above kids filming themselves vandalizing vacant houses]. I have not watched one, nor can I bring myself to stomach the highlights, I guess I just let my imagination run wild.

Yet I do take the time to think….. Imagine, sitting ¾’s of the world down in front of a television set and letting them watch one of these contests. People stuffing food in their faces to see how much they can shove down in a minute, or 5 minutes for the grand prize of a giant rubber chicken, $2500.00 and bragging rights, regurgitation disqualifying them from continuing on. Picture MILLIONS of people. What do you think their response would be?

I’m not hopping on the cross here or saying we are all equal and hence should live the same existence, what I am pointing to to is awareness and the fact that annual acts like this indicate one thing.Too many of us more than just 'lack awarenesss' in the big scheme of things, we are actually ignorant in our behaviors.

Great job Patrick! If I’m looking for a level 5 leader, new best friend, or a mentor for my children I know where to find you… every year.

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