Thursday, October 11, 2007

Life without fear... is no life at all.

This is a photo of SlickRock Trail in Moab, Utah. It was originally used by motorcyclists as a way to get away from the herd and see new sights, locales, and basically, escape the rat race. I will be the first to admit I know next to zero about motorcycles and motorcyclists. What I do know - they play by their own rules.

It was in this spirit that another subculture, namely extreme mountain bikers, have all but claimed this epic trail as their own. Today I am on my way to Moab to tackle this new challenge; armed by 7 other people who live by their own rules looking to escape the rat race and tackle new locales.

Above is a photo of the war wounds I incurred on a training ride for the journey. There are 2 reasons I share the photo. First, it is with both a sense of excitement as well as a sense of trepidation that I enter the upcoming weekend. Moab's trails are 90% slickrock; which is like sandpaper to the skin upon wipeouts. This leads us to the second reason...

When we tread unchartered waters... fear is not only natural, it is a certainty. In fact, the fear and excitement I feel right now is a surefire sign that what we are about to do is worth it.

We all have fear - the million dollar question is why and what type. If we live every day in fear (of bills, our children's welfare, etc) then we are owned by fear. If we were not about to take a risk in Moab, we would instead go about a normal weekend - safe. One of my favorite quotes regarding fear - the brave are not those who live without fear: they are simply brave 5 minutes longer than the meek.

So this weekend my 7 friends and I get to tackle our fear, and grow as people while enjoying the company of great people and tick one more accomplishment off of our life lists.

My challenge to you: when was the last time you entered a fearful situation on purpose? When was the last time you looked at the routine and sprinted in the opposite direction just because you could?

This is not to say live without consequences... we still had to delegate our respective responsibilities in advance and book travel insurance. The point is: LIVE. Do something different this weekend if not today - if not this instant.

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