Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Many Thanks

The things I am thankful for...

The smile on my baby and her gaze that follows me each time I sidle past in my busy state.

The welcome I get from my son when I return from a long day at work. Only he can make me feel like Superman and Spiderman put together.

I am thankful for being able to ride my bicycle with my Dad in the pouring rain.

I am blessed with the care and love my wife gives our children and our family. I am thankful that everyone in my family is healthy.

I am blessed to live in a country that is not oppressed and truly allows freedoms such as religious choice, speech and values.

I am thankful for the physical ability to be able to run, dance, ride and jump. These are true feelings of being wealthy.

To be able to read and write because these are things that allow my life to be better than millions of others in the world.

I am blessed to have people I can rely on and truly call friends. I am thankful I have been chosen to be a friend.

I am thankful for the roof over my head, food on my table, the chance to laugh, family, friends and that I have embraced life.

Thank you for my blessings.

In Memory...
The past weekend the North Shore community lost two of its most animated and fun friends as they past away in a freak adventure accident.

The Swim Up Stream family would like to extend our thoughts and condolences to their families and friends in this terrible time.

Both of these men were strong spirits with boundless energy and a passion for the outdoors. We know they moved to the next life ending this one doing what they loved and for this we are happy.

May the snow always be fresh, the ocean tides with you, the wind at your backs, the trails buff and the skies blue birds. Ride long and ride hard my friends. We will miss you.

God bless.

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