Monday, October 15, 2007

Nothing is forever.

It always amazes me how many people think they are going to laugh / love & live forever. This isn’t metaphorically speaking it is literally speaking. All things in life have a beginning and an end. We will all one day... perish.

Why the discussion of this reality is deemed morbid / or a downer and why it’s brushed under the carpet left, deemed taboo or is 'better left unspoken' is something I have never understood.

Do we think if we don’t recognize and address it, it may not happen? Is it simply another reality we pretend isn’t real? Is there something that wrong with changing our minds or switching gears ¼ - ½ - ¾’s of the way through life? Are we breaking all the rules by locking ourselves into till death do part, 'things', friendships, prosperity, health & happiness or are these ideals just that – ideal, yet not reality. Conditionsal elements that should have no conditions.

Fact is life is dynamic and as we embrace new technologies that make decisions and tasks easier and effortless, so to comes the ability to ‘move off’ of one thing onto the next. Locking into ‘forever’ in this day and age may be settting ourselves up for great disappointment whereas living in the moment (responsibly) seems like a pretty good option.

If we understand nothing is forever, we may decrease the distance of our fall. we may have less anger around finding one person / thing to blame or fear less of the inevitable. We may be able to enjoy the present in the present and make damn sure we thank our lucky stars we made it through the night to enjoy the next day. What next week, month and year look like are great targets – however we should not feel we are ‘locked into them’. When we get locked in, our want to’s become have to’s and we lose our zest for life.

So while its great to dream / want / and follow what’s often a pre described path in life, remember the reality that nothing is forever… and there’s nothing that wrong with that.

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