Thursday, October 04, 2007

The One You Can't Fool

Life is hard. That has been said, sung, written, it is beyond cliche. What has not been said, at least enough, is WHY life is often so hard. It is going to be hard no matter what - don't get me wrong; and this is what makes life worth living. But too many times, we do less rather than more to help our own cause.

And why do we otherwise intelligent creatures do this? Because we get so caught up in roles and responsibilities, and in the 'white-picket fence' model of how to live our lives; we don't stop to question whether or not trying to live by those sets of rules is the very reason we are driving ourselves crazy!

Not only do we not stop and ask the questions - akin to Willie's blog yesterday re: the rat race; no- we do something much worse than fail to ask: we actually hide from the answers!

We often go through life trying to "keep it together" on the surface: for our boss, our spouse, our kids... we try and fool damn near everyone - except the one we can't fool... You.

The scariest thing about this charade that so many of us play - is that despite suspicions, despite the better instincts of those around you... very few accept the call to speak the truth as Matt pointed to in a previous entry (few things are better left unsaid). This means - lie to your family often enough and they will either believe you or stop vocalizing their concerns.

This leads to a very lonely place - "no one knows..." of course - you made sure of that. If you don't want to be ostracized; alone; miserable at your own hands... than don't try to fool the one you cannot, and extend that to just be honest with everyone who cares about you- it is okay to not be okay.

It is okay to need help once in a while.

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