Monday, October 08, 2007

Opportunity begets opportunity

It’s not an urban legend and as we talk about the law of attraction, intent and the power of positive thinking, it’s important to highlight the tangible bi-product of these principles in motion.

Logic & reason would explain that the more you put yourself out there, the greater likelihood of getting noticed, but the 64 million dollar question is why so few people are able to capitalize off of this reality. Ans: they don't know what opportunity is, and how many times it presents itself each day.

Like the Hollywood dream, they are waiting for their opportunity to find them, served up an the magical silver platter like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Not to suggest this can’t won’t and doesn’t happen to a few people, emphasis is on the word few (as in 1/100000). This isn’t a 'you get out of life what you put into it' speech, its greater than that. It’s to assure you that once you begin consistently take advantage of opportunities in your current field of vision, you put yourself on notice to get noticed.

Eventually, the tipping point will come while you are stringing together opportunity after opportunity. The more you take advantage & maximize each one, the more will appear across a multitude of examples (some of which you didn’t even know existed). It’s like the saying it takes money to make money (which is also true) and all it starts with is ‘your best’ at mostly anything you do. Trust, us when we assure you that in today’s society, your consistent best day and day out will not go unnoticed, and will likely be rewarded with…. opportunity.

If you are asking what opportunity is and looks like, you are probably not going to experience a lot of it across your lifetime. It’s reserved for special people who see in life what most others don’t; the fact there is not one way do see / hear / smell / taste / feel and live it!

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