Sunday, October 14, 2007

Success = passion + skillset

Unsure how many times this has been detailed, reviewed or commented on through the swimupstream history, yet this was yet another fantastic example of success from a layperson who many counted out before they gave him the chance. We recieved this about 3 weeks ago, and juts last week learned his first cd had been released in Wallmart to the tune of a whopping 1/2 million copies sold.

Normally, we cringe at these types of contests, feeling to much time is spent berating peoples self esteem instead of simply saying ‘not for you – thanks for giving it your all’, however in this case, we (and the judges) were surprised.

....without further adieu, the case in point of today’s blog, really it speaks for itself. Success is all about matching what you are passionate about with what you are skilled at.

click here

If this link does not work, cut and paste this link into your google browser. and find Paul Potts.

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