Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Taking Charge

To follow up on yesterday's blog by Willie, today I want to share a story of someone that is in fact taking charge and making changes in her life. Her name is Kim Hexter - a fellow swimupstream follower and she is an example of someone that is making use of her time to make the necessary changes & taking the necessary actions in her life, to live the BEST life possible.

In hopes that other swimupstream subscribers make use of what we try to provide everyday - perspective, advice, thoughts, etc., Kim wants to share her story to HELP & SUPPORT any of you in making the change to start living life TODAY and not tomorrow.

Kim writes:

I call myself a faithful Swim Up Streamer.

I have undergone many changes this past year, and, can honestly say, that I am finally striving to live my best life.

On some occasions, I have been asked to share my “Before” and “After” photos. Well, I definitely have a “Before” photo…before I learned that weight loss is a byproduct, before I found Innovative Fitness and the wonderful people there, before I was introduced to Swim Up Stream…before I learned that I am a Work In Progress.

I am a Work in Progress, therefore, I have no “After” photo. I have many “During” photos…which include any photos that I have appeared in since November 2006, and will appear in for the rest of my life. This is because, other than the afterlife, there is no “After” for me. There can be no “After” if I truly want to live my best life.

Through Swim Up Stream, I had an “A-HA” moment last winter when I learned that only 2% of the population truly changes. At the time I heard / read that statistic, I felt alarmed. Alarmed because I was undergoing so many changes for the better and never wanted to imagine going back. It didn’t take me long to start thinking about how I would remain in that 2%. My “A-HA” moment occurred when I realized that, as long as I view myself, and my life, as a work in progress, with the continuing goal to be better, and to live by the principles and theories of Swim Up Stream, I will be in that 2%.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to read volume one of the “Swim Up Stream” collection, which has led to this self reflection.

During this reflection, I have realized how much Matt, Willie, Curtis, Stan and Scott are contributing to my work in progress.

Some of what I have learned / realized …

• My door is wide open to opportunities, and I’m just inside that door ready to grab them – hell, I’m busting through that door!!
• The Law of Attraction exists, and is wonderfully powerful
• I C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E. myself to S.U.C.C.E.E.D.
• I know what my pillars are and I aim to nurture and appreciate every one
• Money does not bring happiness…but, passion, enthusiasm and courage to live your best life do. Recognize your passion, pursue that passion, and then enjoy the happiness that ensues…
• Surround yourself with great people who enhance your life and challenge you to be better. You’ll never waste another minute.
• I will not live in fear of living, failing or succeeding
• Volunteer, give of yourself completely, and you will know greater awards than you could ever imagine
• I know that, as long as I strive to live my best life, and be my best self, it doesn’t matter that we are not equals. What do I care if I’m not your equal as long as I’m the best that I can be? Go be your best self, too.

The points above simply skim the surface of the depth that is within me since choosing to Swim Up Stream…jumping in to live my BEST LIFE.

Thanks for sharing truly are an inspiration for all of us to learn from!!!

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