Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tomorrow May Never Come

There is a prevailing attitude amongst all of us that we have forever to catch up with old friends, that we can wait to say the things we want to tell our love ones or even that we can start tomorrow working on our dreams.

This is an attitude that is the norm. It is also lazy and filled with the idea that as humans we are invincible.

We all agree that thinking that we are invincible is crazy but the thinking doesn't often translate to the actions we display. Most of us harbour baggage from past experiences and rarely do any of us ever change or deal with this baggage. As stated here in the swimupstream blogs only 2% of people actually ever move from one state to the next and completely change. We are creatures of habit and even when we know that something will hurt us, like smoking or drinking excessively, we are prone to stay the course. Arrogance.

We are happy to stay in our safe place because it is easier than stepping out, embracing our fears and seeing what we could become.

This is a challenge. This is a statement of intent.

Call your Mum, your Dad, your family, your friends. Jump out of a plane, rock climb, ride a mountain bike downhill, run a marathon, climb a mountain, do a cleanse, write a book, lead a parade, but please just do something...

Live now. Tomorrow doesn't come for so many people. While we sit on our couch contemplating life and think that we are safe from death's trap others are out actually living knowing that on your couch you are actually dead anyways.

Live now. Live completely. Live for something.
Live for you.

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