Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We're Not Invincible.


A holiday and tradition that people celebrate by dressing up and participating in trick-or-treating while looking like scary things such as goblins & ghosts, like movie characters such as Cinderalla & Darth Vader, and superheroes like Spiderman & Superman.

Putting on that mask and wearing that cape is another feeling. Kids do it and they instantly feel like their hero’s. Adults do it and they instantly feel like a kid again. It brings back memories and takes people to another place - a place of enjoyment, fun, and adventure. And second to the candy…that is why so many kids love it!

However, it also reminds me that as human beings we are never invincible like our favorite superhero’s when we were growing up. Just like Superman we have our own kryptonite and it is fact. In life, we will face challenges and come across many things that we don’t enjoy, expect, or wish upon. However, we have to deal with them.

What we can do first – is make a choice. Make the choice to reduce the chances of injury, pain, or discomfort (emotionally & physically). We can make a choice to remove us from the risks that some of us bring on ourselves. We can make the choices to be better than we were the day before. And we can make a choice to be GREAT not good.

And when we make those choices, the outcome of our life changes. It changes for the better. It satisfies our inner-self and allows us to experience what we believe in and what we truly want (not the material things but the personal things – such as Willie’s blog yesterday). This is when we are truly satisfied.

When we choose to go down a path that increases our chances for failure, disappointment, injury, risk, or even death we must understand that we made the choices to get us there. Although there are some things you can’t control there is one thing you can – your attitude. You have to sleep in the bed that you make. Similarly, you have to live the life that you choose to live. So don’t be disappointed if you are in a position that could have been prevented or that you would have known better…because ultimately YOU had the choice not to go down that path.

We are not invincible. We are humans and just like superhero's have things that can bring us down. We must learn from our mistakes, make choices and decisions that will prevent us from experiencing pain & discomfort, understand that we are accountable for our OWN actions, and most importantly that we have the option to get back on the horse after we have been kicked off.

It is up to you.

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