Thursday, November 01, 2007

Are You A Producer Or A Consumer?

Let's be real clear. In the sense of what you contribute to the world and your immediate surroundings... there are only 2 types of people in the world; Producers and Consumers.

Producers are people that produce more opportunity than they dissipate, expend more than they spend when it comes to energy, human resources, advice, leadership, and learning. They leave a place cleaner than they found it, and they generally speaking make the world a better place (even if their contributions are not noticed in real time).

Consumers are little more than human parasites. One of my friends and colleagues told me about a television program detailing the 'plight' of a 700 pound man who hasn't gotten out of bed in years. His family cooks for him, and handles other chores so that he can function. They cook what he wants because (they say) he will order fast food if they don't. He basically is a vaccuum or black hole of productivity and energy, because his laziness forces his family to expend some of their personal energy on his very survival and maintenence.

In the above story, it should also be mentioned that his family is to blame for being enablers, as they could easily a) take away his phone priveledges if he is going to hold that fast food ace over their heads b) leave him for being a drain on them emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically, and financially c) challenge him to make the changes and pull no punches in getting him to realize how far-gone he is and how he is wasting his 1 shot at life. So really, even though these people are producers (because they have to make up for his defecit), their net impact on the world is zero because they continue to enable and focus their energy on a parasite who will take all they've got and more.

And if this sounds harsh - good. The world would be a much better place if either a) this guy would get off his ass and stop dragging his family down, or b) there were fewer people who don't make the right changes in the world. If that sounds cruel, well too bad.

The fact is, there are only 2 types of people; and even if you are a producer but you are also an enabler, your net impact on the world is zero (which means the world is no better off for having you in it and you have left zero legacy except for maybe in the eyes of 1 parasite).

So be a producer... and focus your energies into pursuits that add to the world and get others to do the same (teaching, coaching, charities, volunteering, etc). That is how you make a mark, that is how you add good to the world, and that is how we make it harder and harder for negative people to bring good people down.

Make the other choice, and you are an enabler or worse... and the rest of us will never remember you after you're gone...

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