Monday, November 05, 2007

Boys need dads

Big bang or religious, we were not created equal and though we have matured to embrace personal choice we shouldn’t do so at the ignorance of denying roles and responsibilities within our ecosystems.

Today’s blog is an affirmation of what should be obvious. Boys need dads! Actually let me be more specific, boys need male influence at a high, intentional level early in their lives. Now this isn’t to say boys don’t need moms, yet I think we can agree (and if we can’t / stats can) that dad’s loose the plot at a substantially more frequent rate than moms and have an easier time fucking off.

Dads seem to have this whole thing about hunting and gathering that has expanded to an entirely unecessary heights after they reach a base level of success. There has to be more and ignoring the obvious clichĂ© ‘less is more’, they repeatedly trip over their ego’s in the quest for bigger & better at the expense of their offspring.

Result. Boy’s who don’t learn how to be men.

Now I’m not a red neck and I know this may not be politically correct in our modern “we are all equal / should all have shared roles / need a snack” bullshit ideology but I will confirm we are raising a nation of wimps. Don’t think so? Well, there’s an article written called a nation of wimps documenting that very reality (that we didn’t author).

Females have a naturally nurturing disposition that, when balanced with a males hunting and gathering agenda provides a balanced example of some of the many attributes and skills needed to survive and thrive in life. Regardless of same sex or opposite sex marriages, children still need those two examples at a high level in order to develop skills and the confidence to again, thrive.

If you have 2 people exemplifying hunting and gathering skills as an example of parenting boys chances are you’ve developed a cute little red neck who’s likely to heist your gun from the rack in your pick up and do something stupid with it.

If you have 2 people exemplifying the nurturing skill set as an example of parenting chances are you’ve developed a young boy who’s having a tough time adjusting to the harsher realities that typically befall males in the real world.

When dad’s chose not to take stock or responsibility in the development or their boys (and yes, their could be a whole argument about dad’s & girls, moms and both yada yada – but it’s not the focus of today), they leave them to find that influence elsewhere and if you haven’t been paying attention lately – allow me to assure you there’s more negative influences than positive out there.

Pay attention – get involved – be an example - do your job.

Be a dad.

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