Monday, November 12, 2007

Crash and Burn.

I’m watching kids grow up in private schools with hand picked activities, travel & friendships all jammed into a feverish schedule, run by over caffeinated & stressed out parents in the name of not falling behind. If that didn’t make sense, it’s because it shouldn’t make sense and this is all being jammed between the ages of 5 & 15 leaving few to wonder how & why so many of these kids will and do crash and burn through their mid 20’s.

There’s something to be said about getting the most of life and where I live, most children have seen, done & experienced more in the first 10 years of their lives than I have in 30+ (an I’m no couch potato). Yet the irony is when you speak to these kids, you would almost get the sense (if they didn’t come straight out and tell you), that they are bored.

Bored? From 5-15 years old you are bored? Say it aint so Bubba.

Its really a case of relative physics and the reality that what goes up, must come down, nd when we expose our kids to so much at the onset, we leave little room for growth and experiences later in life when they are mature enough to really benefit from them. There has to be a better, more practical, happy method of empowering our offspring.
How about this as a suggestion.

Let them be kids.

No, seriously pay attention to this broken record because it’s really important. Lets let our kids develop their own imaginations, identities and instincts instead of over stimulating them our hypocritical examples of what popular opinion tell you to do. Rushing from ballet, to soccer to hockey within a day at 6 years old is doing little more than teach your kids what road rage is. They are not benefiting in the area of skill acquisition (and that’s factual rather than opinion) and they probably don’t care as much as you do if Sally and Sammy are better than them at any given sport. Less of be the best and more of do your best with a realistic recognition of what that best is.

With all the luxuries the modern world affords us in this day and age to hear of “bored kids” borders on the apocalyptic. Stop facilitating the piling on of too much, too soon.

That’s your #1 responsibility so don’t’ be selfish.

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