Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Am Fortunate.

At the end of last week, I underwent an inguinal hernia operation that has been long overdue. Since then I have been spending most of my time on the couch or in bed recovering from a surgery that sticks you on the sidelines for a while. The operation is actually the surgical repair of your abdominal wall, so it makes it extremely difficult to do any immediate activity, any coughing, any sneezing, or any laughing - one of the more joyful things in life. In fact, since most movements we do involve our abdominals, this type of surgery limits you and your actions for at least a couple of weeks.

Now, being an active individual and someone that defeinitely thrives off being busy, it could easily be a challenge both physically and mentally to stay focused and positive throughout this recovery process because of the restrictions this procedure brings. However, there is a choice we all have (including myself) that has been discussed a numerous amount of times here on swimupstream - and that is the choice to stay positive and realize how fortunate we actually are.

I have realized how fortunate I am to be healthy and fit for a speedy recovery.
I have realized how fortunate I am to be able to walk, run, and play sports anytime I choose to.
I have realized how fortunate I am to have loving family & friends that have been here to support & help me.
I have realized how fortunate I am to live in a country that is safe & has a health care system that takes care of you.
I have realized how fortunate I am to wake up another day, in a far better position that most other people in world have it.

It is about being fortunate everyday for what we have - health, freedom, family & friends. So, let's not forget what we have before we focus on what don't have. Chances are, we are pretty fortunate as it is.

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