Tuesday, November 27, 2007


There is a serious difference between opportunity and luck. For the better part of the world it is lucky that their investment in a house or RRSP's go up. Why is it lucky?

It is lucky because they have invested blindly, largely without control and in hope of an increase in value. Most people are lucky. This isn't a bad thing but it is a fact.

Opportunity is what people are presented when they are working hard, smart and happily. Strangely enough these people that get to the top often claim it was a bit lucky.

To actually feel successful one must have worked for their earnings, one must have struggled for success and one must be prepared for the opportunities that begin to open up when they are working for that success. Most great leaders are self-deprecating or in other words, they make fun of themselves and give credit to everyone else for getting them to the top. They claim luck. Ironic really.

Looking at the millions and millions who claim they were smart it again seems obvious who the great leaders are. They talk as if they are lucky and spend more of their work time working. They know how they became successful; they know what it took to get there and what it will take to stay there.

Are you really aware of how you will become successful? What is your secret ingredient? Is it just luck?

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