Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mapquest for your life

Start: You, this moment.
Come to a stop at T-Intersection (cross-roads).
Wait at intersection. Observe other cars and their drivers.
If all traffic turns right, and you like what you see in terms of the drivers, turn right. If you do not want to end up like drivers in all the other cars, turn left abruptly.
Continue straight ahead until next T-Intersection.
Make mental note to observe other drivers on the road, and how much more appealing they are to you when headed in the same direction as you versus you following them.
Come to a stop at T-Intersection (another cross-roads). You already know how this story goes, so turn right if you like what you see, or turn left if you don't.
Follow straight path for 500 miles.
Destination: Happiness.

This analogy can work for you, it is really simple. We are all at "start" or at a cross-roads, at any given time.

At the T-Intersection, we actually have 4 choices, but it's only important to remember two. Left or Right, depending on which direction (which action) best fits your make-up and how you want to live your life. Option 3 - watch people you don't want to turn out like turn right, and then you turn right anyways (stupidity). Option 4 - do nothing (procrastinate or victimize), get hit by train crossing (life becomes the hammer and you the nail). So really, for the reasonable person - only 2 choices exist.

There are more than one cross-roads in your life. Hopefully we have more than one touch choice to make in our lives, or else we have no opportunity and no excitement.

and why 500 miles? Because - once we are on the straight and narrow (once we know our path and we follow it with passion and integrity) we must sow first and then we reap. In other words, only those who stick it out long enough wind up in the promised land. The road has to be 500 miles to make you question your decisions and ensure that you want it (your life you created) bad enough.

Otherwise, life would be easy and you wouldn't need to log onto Mapquest to find out how to get from 'here' to happiness.

So, smile at T-Intersections - they are an opportunity to get closer with your true potential. Don't procrastinate or the train of life will run you over. Don't turn right if you don't want to run the rat race. Make decisions that are consistent with your values and what you say you want.... and then stick it out and stay the course. 500 miles is a long time, so better make sure you made the correct turns along the way... otherwise you are with the wrong people for a long time only to find you didn't end up where you wanted to be.

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