Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Remember Where We Came From.

Unfortunately, one by-product of success [whether it be athletically, financially, personally, or professionally] can be arrogance and ignorance. This can happen when we, as human beings, forget our initial vision and origin; we forget what we are actually supposed to be doing & our overall intention of why we are doing it. We actually unconsciously decide to indulge our hunger for power and money instead of the results that drove us initially.

The result: we think we are better than what we actually are [arrogance] & we forget to remember exactly where we came from [ignorance].

Let me explain.

In life, there are leaders and there are followers. Leaders, whether you are a 'natural leader' or not, have a talent to push the pace & bring people together for a common cause. On the other hand, some people are not leaders but followers, and they fit the role well. In fact, all leaders need good followers and that is why it works.

The thing that we forget is - all great leaders needed schooling and mentoring to get them to where they are. Not to mention that a majority of good/great leaders also started out as good/great followers.

Because we forget this more often than not, we as leaders [so we call ourselves] give up on those that we are 'leading' way too early. In other words, some of us 'forgot where we came from'. Sometimes we ['leaders'] find it's just easier to give up and to prematurely throw in the towel. Unfortunately, with the towel, in some cases, also go some strong potential leaders if we just invested the time and understood a little more about leadership.

The more experience & knowledge we gain as leaders, most likely the more we focus on the patience and caring attitude that our leaders and mentors had with us. We begin to remember and recall that people saw potential in us. We begin to understand the hard work that was required on developing and honing that potential into what has turned into the fair and caring leaders that we are today. We begin to understand what true leadership is.

True leadership is not using the tools & success to leverage ourselves further than those around us and solely for our own advantage. And it is definitely not too become arrogant and think we are better than someone else.

True leadership is to bring people together & inspire them to work towards a common goal. It is to lead people towards success while remaining humble and respectful. And more importantly, it is to find and develop the leadership potential around them and to pass on the tools that allowed them to be a success.

Few of us who are leaders became leaders overnight. It took tons of practice and some failures to develop into what we are today. We can't forget the leaders and supervisors who took us under their wings and took the time to care. They didn't always use the biggest hammer on us right off the bat. They took the time to explain, care and shape us into the leaders of the future. And from that, we must do the same.

We must not take the easy way out. Chances are it is to NOT to our advantage if we do.

Our job as leaders -- is developing leaders as well as followers -- is to leave our role better than it was when we started in that particular role. We must look at our past to get to our future. We must not forget the strong leaders that we have had in the past. We have a choice. Let's choose to do all we can to develop even stronger leaders for the future and...

NEVER forget where we came from.

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