Friday, December 28, 2007

Accidents Happen

As if we need further proof that the apocalypse is upon us, a 60 year old man is suing an 8 year old boy for a skiing collision in Colorado. After the collision this 60 year old man grabbed the then 7 year old boy, who apologized for the accident, cursed at him and then threatened to sue him. A trial is set for early 2008 where this 60 year old imbecile is seeking $75,000.

This incident is a sad reminder that this society is unwilling to evolve past the instant gratification/someone is always to blame mentality that we have been stuck in for decades now. This is the same mentality we are passing on to future generations of children who already feel that they are entitled to everything and have to earn nothing.

The simple fact of life is that there are inherent dangers in anything we choose to do and if we are unfortunate enough to be on the wrong side of an accident, it doesn’t give us the right to exploit the misfortune. When we roll an ankle on the sidewalk it is not the fault of the sidewalk, it is a potential danger of walking on uneven surfaces. When we spill hot coffee on our laps while we drive, it is not the fault of the coffee for being hot and burning us. This same principle applies when we do recreational activities in crowded areas. By putting ourselves in this situation we run the risk of having a collision, which is not the fault of anyone, it is an inherent risk we take on when we decide to participate.

Unfortunately our flawed legal system and greedy residents within the system have found ways to exploit any situation for profit. In today’s society it is the fault of the hot coffee as much as it is the fault of this 8 year old boy. We have given empowerment and fostered victimization to those who do nothing but look for situations where they can strike it rich for their own ignorance and greed.

As the New Year approaches we are given the opportunity to change the way we see empowerment and redefine who is empowered. Hopefully the judge in this case does his/her part and exploits the 60 year old for what he is and gives him what he deserves; a good laugh in the face. Our responsibility in empowerment, however, lies internal first, where we begin to understand that we are not victims and the situations we put ourselves in are for our advancement personally first not financially first. If we are able to do this we will then be able to identify what is an accident and what is malicious, therefore allowing us to act in an appropriate manner.

Until we begin to preach personal accountability and responsibility, we will never gain empowerment. Without empowerment we will continue to live in a world where you are one situation from losing everything at the expense of someone who had been inundated with the idea that they are a victim.

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