Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fun Is Hard Work

It takes a lot of hard work to have fun. We have reached that time of year where people are ruing their lost summer opportunities. Children, despite their complaints, long for the structure and social atmosphere of school; parents, despite their fake shrills of "I can't wait until they go back", actually think of all the time they should have taken away from work to spend with their children, and for the most part we all wish we had done just a little bit more with our time this summer. You know? Accomplished something to be proud of.

Why is it every time something amazing occurs it has generally stemmed from someone's hard work? Their never seem to be magic wands or fairy godmothers just plain old hard sweat equity.

Think of great food prepared with enthusiasm or theme parties where attention to detail has helped put everyone in the mood. Remember events where spectators and competitors are cared for adding up to increased spirit and fanfare. Even think about when people just want to relax. It's the people that accomplish the most relaxing mood that have struggled to tie up their loose ends so they can focus purely on themselves.

Organizing fun seems like it may be two concepts at odds but that could never be farther from the truth. Actually, fundamentally, humans crave structure and love organizing something so it works well. Why would it change when it came to the meager topic of fun?

This is why it is so strange that the world is so lazy. Why do we procrastinate so much?

"I should go for a ride."
"Maybe tomorrow, this T.V. show on hyena mating calls seems to be really exciting..."

Every one of you/us at varying times have felt the sensations of 'just doing it' only to sloth back into your old ways of procrastinating. That day you forced yourself out on the bike [insert fun idea here] elicited the usual response of "I can’t believe I didn't want to do this two hours ago. What was I thinking?" Adrenaline flowing, mind full of oxygen, and your heart all pumped up, this is when you need to plan your next necessary ride. But you don't and I'll tell you why.

You haven't made any priorities and therefore you don't step up to the hard work. There is nothing for you to follow in your personal life, fitness life, or your business life and the workload just seems overwhelming. Where do you start and how? The T.V. clicker seems like a good place. Maybe a video game or a nice bottle of gin will help me get going...

During the war the term triage came to use on battlefields by army hospitals and you need to become aware of its meanings. In that time triage was a process for sorting injured people into groups based on their need for immediate medical treatment. Ever wonder why you go to emergency with a broken arm and sit around for seven hours. News flash; your not at risk of dying so you are de-prioritized. The process is working on you.

Newer meanings have come to light and the dictionary aptly spells out triage stating that it is 'a system used to allocate a scarce commodity, such as food, only to those capable of deriving the greatest benefit from it.' Or another meaning is 'a process in which things are ranked in terms of importance or priority.'

It says a scarce commodity is allocated. Like, perhaps, your time...

Hard work and prioritizing your time; how do the two relate?
Get out your PDA, laptop organizer, raspberry, or old fashioned pen and paper, and start listing your goals. Now prioritize them. What do you want to do and when? Then break them into little bite sized jobs and times so that these goals can be accomplished. Piece by piece you will begin to see that hard work organizing yourself, triaging your life, and getting down to the manageable but still difficult work of every day life, will vastly reduce the amount of procrastinating you do. There really isn't any time to procrastinate because life is waiting for you.

By piecing together small jobs the big goals get attained but by not knowing what you should be doing with yourself, ultimately, your mind decides that 'nothing' is the order or organization it wants to maintain.

So, as the saying goes 'If you want something done give it to a busy person'; give it to a busy, organized, prioritizing monster of a person.

You want to ride more, so organize your day and goals around making that happen.
Prioritize the fun!

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