Monday, December 03, 2007

karma & bullies

In most fabled stories, the weak and meager rise from tyranny, band together and overthrow the behemoth. David and Goliath, Stand by Me, 300, heck even the little engine that could all give credence to the inevitable reality. Its likely due to the adversity bestowed on the little people that forces them to do things like band together, formulate a plan, lead a role and embrace one for all as they stand victorious atop the grassy knoll.

Without venturing too far to the dissident side, we would like to say this is something a few higher ups (particularly geographic leaders) need to wrap their heads around. You can’t reign as bully forever without an eventual backlash to your behaviors. And when you get that backlash don’t a) be surprised and or b) think that being more of a bully is going to restore harmony in your proverbial playground.

Sometimes we’re shocked… by your shock “we can’t believe this is happening to me & us!” What the fuck did you think was going to happen when you walk into someone else’s house, impose your will (policy) and try to take up residence? If they aren’t strong enough to physically fight back, you can be sure as hell guaranteed, they will capitalize on every ‘little opportunity’ to make your stay HELL until you do leave…. 1 water drop on the forehead all night at a time.

We completely agree, the worlds playground needs order, otherwise you have anarchy, however that order is delivered through smart, calculated, big picture leadership & true diplomacy, not gr 12 johhny blue jeans repeatedly pushing down grade 6 suzy summer dress to prove he’s in charge.

People will only tolerate that for so long before they mace his eyeballs and light him on fire at which point there’s cheering, not sympathy.

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