Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Leverage Yourself Off of Yourself.

In life, there are those individuals that, for every moment in time, try to get ahead & reach their goals to be the best that they can be. Although this type of attitude is inspiring and positive [and something that is promoted here on swim upstream], unfortunately during this process some people [unconsciously and even consciously] try to leverage themselves off of other people or other people's connections.

This isn't right. And in fact, is unhealthy. What we must learn to understand is that in order to get ahead, leveraging yourself off of yourself [and not others], is the positive path to follow.

Here is a start and is probably nothing different than what you have heard before:

• you work hard & give 110% = increase in return/opportunities [work hard = get rewarded]
• maximize the people you are surrounded by & follow the systems = see quicker & better results [shortest distance between 2 points is straight line]
• expose yourself to risk & adversity = increase opportunity to grow [no risk, no reward]
• understand that we are only as good as the members in our teams [together everyone achieves more]
• take advantage of every opportunity [every play of everyday]
• focus on the $ & you will never make it to the level that you want. focus on your passion & you will make more money than you initially desired [follow your passion]
• share with those coming up & leave a legacy [twice the beauty is seen when shared]

When you follow the basics & 'common sense' [even though common sense isn't common at all], you build

1. credibility - that will open up more doors, opportunities & avenues of growth
2. experience - that will allow you to take on further responsibilities with a greater skill set & knowledge to do so
3. results - that will provide you with the tools [time/money/people/etc] to do more with

When you leverage yourself, off of yourself, professionally [start at the bottom of a company, take on added responsibility as a leader in the company, become a manager in the company, invest as an owner in the company, take on future opportunities, etc.] it is NO different than when you leverage yourself personally [take out a mortgage & buy a house, pay off your mortgage & buy a recreational property...and the list goes on]. Remember, if you are not in debt [smart & healthy debt] you are not growing [and building equity].

You have an opportunity every single moment of every single day to work towards a long term vision. This vision does not have to be set in stone and can change along the way but you must work hard everyday to contribute to that vision if YOU want to see YOU excel in what YOU want to do in LIFE.

Don't take advantage of those around you to put you further ahead. Leverage yourself off of yourself to take advantage of YOU in order to get ahead.

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