Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Missing Link.

If you were to closely take a look around at all the successful people that we all are surrounded by it becomes abundantly clear that their achievements are directly related to the enjoyment they derive from their work. These successful individuals have found their passion, devoted themselves to it and have prospered because of it. Chances are, every single one of them is doing what they love to do.

Think about it. How many people do you know that has made a fortune doing what he or she dislikes? How many people have created happiness in their lives doing what they hate doing?


And that is the missing link. Let me explain.

The choice of how to make a living is perhaps the single most important of all our decisions, yet it's often the one most neglected. Why? Because sometimes we feel we have to take a job because of financial needs, or we are steered into a career because our parents have ingrained it into our minds that this is what we should be doing...when really our heart isn't in it. What we must learn to understand is that everyone has his or her own specific mission in life. It cannot be replaced by something else, nor can someone else do it for you [including your parents]. It is everyone's task to discover his or her uniqueness and find an opportunity to implement it.

At the same time, there is no amount of money, no matter how much it is, that will ever compensate you sufficiently for remaining in a job [particularly one that prevents you from fulfilling a dream or follow your passion]. The reality is, people's whose whole objective is making a million dollars, usually don't.

What you must do is find a product or a service that you believe in passionately, because without that you will never be successful. Let alone enjoy life. Start by believing in yourself & believing in your talents, strengths, and likes. Then search out to see how you can best use these interests & abilities. Very often it's a lack of self-confidence that keeps us in positions we don't like. If this is the case then embark upon a daily program designed to build self-confidence. Make this your first priority, and once this is achieved, your perspectives too will change.

Look at Steven Speilberg. For him, making a movie I am sure feels natural from idea to production to theatres and to deny that would be to deny his innate talents and passions. 

By engaging his interests and following his enthusiasm, Spielberg has been able to become the success that he is today. Spielberg not only has passion for the movie making process in general, but for the topics he chooses to cover as well. And that is what makes him so GREAT.

Life is filled with choices and opportunities. Follow your heart and your instinct. Find something you can be passionate about and devote yourself to it. This is where your personal fulfillment as well as your contribution to the world lie. And most of all don't let people [co-workers, family members, friends, etc] tell you that you work too hard or you care too much...because the last time I checked,

no one complains when they receive GREAT service.

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