Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Reason is Legacy.

The past 2 weeks have been very cool. Of course you expect us to say this on swim upstream, because we have the best jobs in the world - live by example and apply the principals of leadership daily. So why were the past 2 weeks cool or special compared to others?

Because is the journey of swimming upstream, I swam up to a friend of years past who was swimming as hard as he could upstream. Mike is a 2nd year high school physical education teacher in possibly the toughest postal code in Calgary.

He works with kids who other teachers are glad they don't have to... and he loves it. As a second year high school teacher he implemented a high performance sports performance class (akin to 'advanced mathematics' or 'discovery science'). Considering the red tape to implement ANYTHING through something as large and diverse as a school board, and the fact that this is athletics (which is always being downsized) - this is a monumental achievement.

After watching Mike deliver the class now two times, it was apparent that he meant what he said regarding the inspiration for the class...

"I did this because I wish someone did it for me when I was 15". It sounds so simple, but when you think about execution, this 30 year old husband and father takes (A LOT of) time away from his family to give to kids who he has barely met. The reward? Some thank him and stay after class to ask a question, but that's not it.

The real reward is in the giving in the first place... and the effect (that cannot be measured, estimated, or calculated later) is that I guarantee you a new breed of mentors will arise amongst the 'ME' generation because of the proven fundamentals he is teaching in that class instead of padding more egos and leading more kids astray.

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