Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Last Thursday morning, a female tiger was found with it's head, legs and skin missing at the Three Gorges Forest Wild Animal World zoo in central China. During the night, a group of killers had broke into the room, anesthetized the tiger, opened the cage and then dragged the animal out of the room and butchered it.

That's right!

A group of SICK people broke into a zoo to behead and skin a rare Siberian tiger so that they could turn around and sell the skins and tiger parts [which are used in traditional Chinese medicines] on the black market. 

Actions like this to satisfy one thing - greed.

But guess what, actions like this happen on a daily basis, sometimes we are just too blind to see it.  Here are three examples:
  1. Drug dealing & stealing: If you are a part of it, don't think it's not impacting our society each and every transaction. You are one of the [if not 'the'] major reasons for the increase in violence in our cities. You are trying to take the easy way to get YOU [and no one else] further ahead and forget that families are being ruined, lives are being taken and society is being impacted. 
  2. Littering & lack of recycling: If you are one of those that are too lazy to wait to throw your garbage in a garbage can or take the time to recycle Sunday mornings paper in the recycling bin...think twice next time. Because for every time you throw your garbage out the window when you are driving or put the morning paper under the sink in the are adding to the pollution which is ultimately impacting the world and contributing to the negative changes. Take personal responsibility in preventing global warming and the earth from collapsing.  
  3. Over-parenting & lack of consequence: Set your children up for success by allowing them to experience challenges and overcome adversity. If you choose to always do everything for them, they will never learn & grow to become better. In fact, you are actually disabling them for future challenges. Also, when they partake in an action that is inappropriate or uncalled for don't be scared of discipline. Life isn't don't make it harder for them in the future by preventing them from experiencing the challenges & consequences that come with life. 
Start contributing positively. 
By stop being a part of that sickening group.   

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