Monday, December 31, 2007

We must do better,

As we approach the beginning of 2008 we must assure ourselves we will do a better job at making 2008 a meaningful year.

Lets call a spade a spade – we dropped the ball in 2007.
1. Our national leadership lied about blatant state of affairs. A) Kyoto accord, B) Weapons of mass destruction, C) our own back yards bottom lines

2. Our media leadership collectively showcased the worst group of role models in years. A) Hollywood train wrecks, B) disgraced athletes & C) corrupt CEO’s.

3. We, ourselves to a great degree went along with this, accepting the fate and news as if it were an essential daily vitamin.

If we come to terms with this as our reality, as well as how & what we can do to do “our part” in preventing a repeat performance, we can assure ourselves of a better 08.

From a swimupstream perspective, wheat we intend on doing is
• Telling it like it is
• Offering alternative methods of thinking
• Tabling solutions.

It’s pretty simple – so welcome to our 2008. The year we create and live in the manner “we” wish

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