Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What Happened to Hugh?

When Hugh was young his daily life was full of taking risks. He rode his bike with "no hands", climbed impossible trees, and jumped off of swings at ridiculous heights. There were go carts built from broken palettes, cliff jumps into uncharted waters and exploration was used in discussion that casually replaced the word "lost".

Then as Hugh grew older , and presumably wiser, he became more cautious. Caution turned into fear as he came into his teen years and fear turned into paralysis. Hugh didn't ask a girl to the school dance because he was afraid she might say, "No". He turned down the chance to play his guitar at the talent show, because he feared he might make a fool of himself. Hugh was scared of being wrong, getting hurt or falling short.

Hugh decided the best way to avoid risk was to blend in with the crowd - you know - to fit in. he hid the parts of his character that were unique and invented a personality that he thought would be acceptable to everyone. Brilliance became blandness.

Perhaps, you've seen Hugh. He's the bank teller you've been going to for five years who still thinks your name is "Next!" He's the waiter who shrugs when you ask about the specials. He's the service manager, who makes you feel like an interruption, the doctor that seems disinterested in your concerns, the person behind the counter with the vacant look who say, "nope, your order's not ready," and doesn't offer a time frame for when it might be. He is also the parent that just presses play on the DVD player when his kids want so desperately to go outside and spend some time playing swords or Peter Pan. In short Hugh is just average.

But this isn't a bad story because after looking in the mirror Hugh saw his inner light for the first time in many, many years. He longed to cliff jump again and get lost in the mountains. He bagan to ride his bike and do fun dates with his wife. Hugh got uncomfortable and began to enjoy what life had to offer. Hugh was so pleased that he had so much of his life still to embrace and his on regret was that he just wished he had never left life for so long.

Do you think you might be like Hugh? If so...

It is time to look in the mirror and ask yourself, "What happened to Hugh?"

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