Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is It Really That Bad

From the vault of:

Put Your Life In Perspective

  1. Hundreds of thousands of people in North America cannot afford food and housing at the same time. For the price of just one cup of coffee a day you could ...[I know you've seen the advertisement].
  2. Water is something that people kill over in other countries. How long was your shower this morning?
  3. Having a job in some places makes you an aristocrat. Just ask some of the people that work at your local fast food restaurants what their family back hoe thinks of them.
  4. War torn countries like the Congo have crumbled societies upon which rape, murder and theft are the only things left. What was it that made you so angry this morning?
  5. Having loose change makes you rich based on the world's population. Maybe you shouldn't compare yourself to those Jones, there's plenty of them that you are doing better than.
  6. If you can run and jump you are better off than millions of people that would give anything to do just that. Why haven't you jumped today.
Take a look around and realize that what you have is a great deal more than most on this planet. Take a look around and realize that with these gifts you can do more for yourself and for the world. It doesn't take money.

It takes a positive attitude.

I'm sure there are millions of the people we described above who can attest to that very fact. Attitude is what helped them get to where you quite possibly already are and then surpass you.

All around you is the inspiration.

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