Monday, January 21, 2008

need a slice of humble pie?

right off the bat, our collective reality is that almost 100% of the worlds population are salespeople. translation: more or less we all have the same job. yes some have greater responsibility & risk, hence are privy to greater monetary rewards, but it doesn’t & shouldn’t entitle one to think they are superior to or more important then another.

second. each one of us started somewhere. unless we are the example of the silver spooned child who pretty much had everything handed them from 5 to 50, we knew what it was like to struggle, be broke, eat kraft dinner and work our way to / up / in and out of the corporate environment. so, with this in mind – we don’t need to turn around and think we are better than or not offer help to others who will & are doing the same.

we know the mentality is ‘all about me’ and that’s why we are writing the blog. we see it, everyday in our personal training realms. team mates & customers are welcomed into our business with open arms. often they appear with no to low self esteem – no problem – we provide the juice - that’s our passion (not job - passion). through genuine care we help build peoples self confidence one hour, one meeting, one victory at a time. it’s great to see and fun to do.

but wait a second. what’s with the new attitude? now you are too cool for school? now we owe you something? now, we’re lucky to have you as a team mate and customer? now “we’ve learned a lot from you”?


don’t confuse our humility with your unreality. if you start digesting that ‘all me’ sandwich too fast while talking about you... you’re going to choke.

perhaps along the way you were not paying attention to those who unselfishly gave to you. who made the time, who challenged you to be better, who supported your adversity, who listened to your complaints, who went above and beyond.... because they wanted to. no problem – we all need reminders. this is yours.

there is no ‘top’ in life. we die, go into the soil and new life is born. it’s actually very simple.

life is very simple.

we make it challenging. don’t make your life more challenging than it needs to be by thinking your higher than the natural order.

you aren't.
we aren't
be respctful.
be humble.

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